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The Fess Parker Filmography

Fess Parker Filmography

The Fess Parker Show (TV short)Fess Hamilton
1972Climb an Angry Mountain (TV movie)Sheriff Elisha Cooper 1964-1970

Daniel Boone(TV series)Daniel Boone– Israel and Love(1970)… Daniel Boone– How to Become a Goddess(1970)… Daniel Boone– Bringing Up Josh(1970)… Daniel Boone– The Homecoming(1970)… Daniel Boone– Noblesse Oblige(1970)… Daniel BooneSee all 165 episodes » 1970

The Red Skelton Hour (TV series)Davy Crockett– He Died with His Boots on Cause He Had Cold Feet to Start or He Died with His Boots Off, That's Why He Stubbed His Toe(1970)… Davy Crockett 1966SmokyClint Barkley 1966

Daniel Boone: Frontier Trail RiderDaniel Boone 1964

Burke's Law (TV series)Herman Sitwell– Who Killed WHO IV?(1964)… Herman Sitwell 1964

Destry (TV series)Clarence Jones– Destry Had a Little Lamb(1964)… Clarence Jones 1963

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (TV series)Sheriff Ben Wister– Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale(1963)… Sheriff Ben Wister 1962-1963

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (TV series)Sen. Eugene Smith / Senator Eugene Smith– The Lobbyist(1963)… Senator Eugene Smith– High Society(1963)… Sen. Eugene Smith– To Be or Not to Be(1963)… Sen. Eugene Smith– Kid from Brooklyn(1963)… Sen. Eugene Smith– Citizen Bellows(1963)… Sen. Eugene SmithSee all 25 episodes » 1962

Hell Is for HeroesSgt. Pike 1954-1962

Death Valley Days (TV series)Curt Morrison / Reverend Joel Todd– Miracle at Whiskey Gulch(1962)… Reverend Joel Todd– The Kickapoo Run(1954)… Curt Morrison 1960

G.E. True Theater (TV series)Jonathan West– Aftermath(1960)… Jonathan West 1959

The Jayhawkers!Cam Bleeker 1959

Alias Jesse JamesDavy Crockett(uncredited) 1959

The HangmanSheriff Buck Weston 1958

Schlitz Playhouse (TV series)– The Hasty Hanging(1958) 1958

The Light in the ForestDel Hardy 1958

Playhouse 90 (TV series)Pvt. Linus Powell– Turn Left at Mount Everest(1958)… Pvt. Linus Powell 1957

Old YellerJim Coates 1956

Westward Ho the Wagons!John 'Doc' Grayson 1954-1956

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (TV series)Davy Crockett / John 'Doc' Grayson– Along the Oregon Trail(1956)… John 'Doc' Grayson– Davy Crockett and the River Pirates(1955)… Davy Crockett– Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race(1955)… Davy Crockett– The Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland/A Tribute to Mickey Mouse(1955)… Davy Crockett– Davy Crockett at the Alamo(1955)… Davy CrockettSee all 7 episodes » 1956

The Great Locomotive ChaseJames J. Andrews 1955

City Detective (TV series)Tony– Hearts and Flowers(1955)… Tony 1955

Battle CryPvt. Speedy 1954

The Bounty HunterWild Cowboy at Finale (uncredited) 1954

My Little Margie (TV series)The All American– The All American(1954)… The All American 1954

Them!Alan Crotty 1954

Annie Oakley (TV series)Les Clinton - The Texas Sandman / Tom Conrad - Newspaper Publisher– Annie and the Texas Sandman(1954)… Les Clinton - The Texas Sandman– Annie and the Mystery Woman(1954)… Tom Conrad - Newspaper Publisher 1954

Dragonfly SquadronTexas Lieutenant 1954

Stories of the Century (TV series)Grat Dalton– The Dalton Gang(1954)… Grat Dalton 1954

Dragnet (TV series)Harkness– The Big Winchester(1954)… Harkness 1953

Thunder Over the PlainsKirby 1953

Island in the SkyFitch's Co-Pilot (uncredited) 1953

The Kid from Left FieldMcDougal 1953

Take Me to TownLong John (uncredited) 1952

Springfield RifleJim Randolph (uncredited) 1952

Untamed FrontierClem McCloud 1952

No Room for the GroomCousin Ben (uncredited) 1950 Harvey Voice of Leslie the Chauffeur (uncredited)

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An Update From Darby...

An Update from Darby Hinton...

Time flys when your having fun!! Speaking of fun Rosey Grier is feeling much better, (thanks again for all your prayers & healing thoughts) and he is going to be joining me at The Hollywood Show next month, October 21st here in LA. It's his first time at one of these show and it should be a lot of fun showing him around, also Veronica Cartwright will be there as well. If you are planning on coming please know Rosie will only be there Saturday because his Rams are playing Sunday and he'll be at the game. If you're in the area October 21 come by the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel and say "Hi" to us, and all the other cool celebs they have lined up for the event👍

I know I said I had some doubts when I first tried the Cryotherapy here in Studio City, but this pic is after just three treatments, one a day, and the scabs on my face - from face meeting wall - have all cleared up really quickly. The pain leaves me for hours after treatment, especially when they hit me with a second localized treatment just on my neck. And when it does come back it seems less. So if the extreme cold is healing the inside of my body as much as it is the outside, I'm a happy camper and am going to keep going 😊 I've thrown in an acupressure treatment yesterday that moved some of the pain around from the inside of my arms to the back of my shoulder. If the pain can be moved around, then I know I can move it the heck on out of my body!! Thank you all for all the love and support you're showing me 💖My only thought now is why didn't I try the Cryotherapy back when we were having the heatwave - I might not have had to jump in the pool to cool off in the first place LOL.

Grinnin' Down A 'Bar

Davy Crockett showing how he grinned down a bear!

Davy & Georgie

Georgie Russell and Davy Crockett doin' some scouting to find Chief Redstick.

Best Wishes To Our Family & Friends In Florida

We're sending out prayers to all those in the Florida area that are bracing for hurricane Irma.  

Davy And Chief Redstick

And later, they actually shake hands & become friends.  Davy Crockett & Chief Redstick in Disney's Davy Crockett TV series.  

The Daniel Boone Ensemble

They had such a great cast of characters on the Daniel Boone TV show!!!  Did you have a favorite?

Take Things With A Grain Of Salt

Daniel slipping back into the Fort with some needed saltpetre.

Now that's a smile for the weekend!

We welcome our Fess Friends from Facebook!

Every ending is just a new beginning!

Daniel and Mingo!

Daniel and Mingo...

brothers from different mothers...

covering each other's back...

always there when the other was in need...

through thick and thin...

with similar values to always 'do the right thing'...

to help those in need...

and value differences in people...

with integrity, honesty & kindness...

always humble, yet often heroic...

and best friends forever!  

The Boone Children


Daniel and Becky Boone actually had 10 children.  When Boone returned home after the French and Indian War on August 14, 1756, he married Rebecca Bryan, a neighbor in the Yadkin River Valley whose brother married one of Boone's sisters. The couple initially lived in a cabin on his father's farm. They eventually had 10 children.  His son, Nathan Boone, was the first white man born in Kentucky.  Boone supported his growing family in these years as a market hunter and trapper, collecting pelts for the fur trade. 

Here's one of many geneaology sites where you can read more: