Sunday, November 19, 2017

A 'thank you' prayer

“God, this is that time of year for saying ‘Thank you,’ and acknowledging that you are the source of all the blessings we enjoy.  This is also a time for us to gather as a family and ask for your help and healing. You never promise that our lives will be easy; but you do promise strength, and the wisdom we need to prevail. 

‘Thank you.’ You are welcome here at our table. At times we fall short of being everything you have intended for us. But this is why we pray: to express our gratitude and to ask what we cannot make happen on our own. Bless our conversation, and this food. And when we come back together next year, may we be able to recognize the ways that you have brought us closer – as individuals and as a family – to the destiny you have for us. 

In spite of all the challenges we face, we are richly blessed. We say again,  "Thank you".