Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I was in a costume store today purchasing items for our frontier-Colonial-period movie. The elderly woman at the checkout asked how/why I was involved in a movie like that. I mentioned the inspiration from FP & the DB show, which led to a discussion of the values & social messages, the websites & Fan Pages. I asked if she remembered Fess Parker and/or Darby Hinton.
Her face lit up and she proceeded to tell me how wonderful that show was, how it focused on family-values AND had such wonderful people associated with the show. When I mentioned Darby was working on a book, she was thrilled. She then put her pointed her finger at me and said, "We need more of those values in today's world."
It's always enjoyable to find new Fess Friends out there who were so impacted by Fess & his shows! I agree....we need more! 

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