Sunday, September 23, 2018

Here's a Sunday hug & upbeat song for you!

Daniel Boone Facts

Daniel Boone was the leader of the early pioneers. He was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1735. Boone lived at the same time that Washington did. 

When he was a boy he loved the out of doors. When he was eighteen years old he went to live in Kentucky. He enjoyed the freedom of the wilderness. 

Though he lived a wild, rough life, he was kind to everybody. Boone was a great and clever hunter. Before the Revolution, he pushed over the wall of the Appalachian Highlands. After this daring crossing, other people had the courage to cross this barrier too. 

These brave pioneers opened up the rich lands of the Middle West in Kentucky. Boone built a fort to protect the territory from the attacks of the Indians. 

Once Boone was captured by the Indians and was adopted by a squaw who had lost her son. He pretended to like the Indians' way of living. He remained with them a long time. He finally succeeded in escaping from them. 

Sometime a pat on the head from the right person is all the encouragement you need.

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