Tuesday, November 7, 2017

50+ years and going strong!!!

Davy and Georgie searchin' for Chief Redstick & company

Daniel in Virginia

In 1787 Daniel was elected to legislature as Bourbon County representative, and he moved to Richmond, Virginia with Rebecca and Nathan, leaving the tavern in the hands of their daughter Rebecca and husband Philip Goe.  After Daniel's failed attempts at land speculation and ginseng exports, they moved in 1788 to Point Pleasant (now in West Virginia) in the Kanawha Valley. They settled on the south side of the river almost opposite the mouth of Campbell's Creek in a log house similar to what he had built in Kentucky: two rooms with a "dogtrot" passage between the rooms and a long porch in front.

DID YOU KNOW: Daniel & Rebecca Boone had 10 children over a 25 year period

When she was ten, Rebecca Bryan (later wife of Daniel Boone) moved with her Quaker grandparents Morgan and Martha (Strode) Bryan, to the Yadkin River valley in the backwoods of North Carolina. Meanwhile, the young Daniel Boone's family settled near the Bryans in North Carolina. Rebecca and Daniel began their courtship in 1753 and married three years later.
Rebecca married Daniel Boone in a triple wedding on August 14, 1756, in Yadkin River, North Carolina at the age of 17. She took in her new husband's two young orphan nephews, Jesse and Jonathan who lived with them in North Carolina until the family left for Kentucky in 1773.
Like her mother and mother-in-law before her, Rebecca had many children born two or three years apart. Over twenty-five years time, she delivered six sons and four daughters of her own.

Without formal education, Rebecca was reputed to be an experienced community midwife, the family doctor, leather tanner, sharpshooter and linen-maker – resourceful and independent in the isolated areas she and her large, combined family often found themselves.

THE WISDOM OF MINGO: The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

Becky was always happy when Dan'l came home.