Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Do you remember the lyrics to Mike Fink's - King of the River song?

I'm Mike Fink - King of the river
Listen to the thunder
Hear the winds roar
Hurricane's a-coming
Board up the door
Load up the cannon
Call up the law
Worstest calamity
That folks never saw
Girls run and hide
Brave men shiver
I'm Mike Fink
King of the river
Oh, he's a ring-tail roarer
And a tough old alligator
Oh, he's a bull-nosed bully
And a real depopulator
Oh, what a deep divin catfish
That always come up dry
He's gonna live forever
Born too mean to die
Dug the whole Ohio
With my big toe
Filled her up with water
Made the critter flow
Stomped out the valley
Scraped up the ridge
Wade across the river
'Cause I don't trust no bridge
And then an earthquake
Make mountains quiver
I'm Mike Fink
King of the river
Oh he can uptalk a lawyer
Oh, he can upchop thunder
And her son say that he can
Oh, what a fightin' devil
He'll spit right in your eye
He's gonna live forever
Born too mean to die
(Born too mean to die)

DID YOU KNOW: The real Daniel & Becky Boone had 10 children.

Their love was as tough (& enduring) as a might oak tree.

OLD YELLER TRIVIA CHALLENGE: How many of these questions can you answer about Disney's Old Yeller

1. What caused Old Yeller to get sick?

2. True or False: Old Yeller is given the name because he's yellow AND he bays loudly.

3. What was this family's last name?

4. Who wrote the book 'Old Yeller'?

5. What does Bud Searcy warn Travis about?

6. What year did Old Yeller hit the big screen?

7. What was the title of the sequel movie to 'Old Yeller'?

8. Why was the father away from home when Old Yeller arrived?

9. What two things does Arliss give to Old Yeller's owner so he can keep the dog?

10. How did Travis' dog Bell die?

11. Name a previous movie that Fess Parker and Jeff York starred in before 'Old Yeller'?

12. What is this girl's name and who is she giving this pup to?
13. What kind of animal was Jumper?

14. Who comes to the rescue when Arliss is threatened by this little critter's mother?

15. What kind of animal did Old Yeller fight with and get hydrophobia?

16. What does Travis want his father to bring back to him?

17. Why did Travis hang the meat close to the ground before going to bed?

1. He was bitten by wolves who had hydrophobia
2. True
3. Coates
4. Fred Gipson
5. hydrophobia (rabies) spreading in the area among animals
6. 1957
7. Savage Sam
8. Jim Coates-the father, was on a cattle drive.
9. Horned toad and home-cooked meal
10. Snake bite.
11. Fess Parker and Jeff York were previously together in Disney's 'Davy Crockett'!!!
12. Elizabeth gave this pup to Travis to ease his pain over losing Old Yeller.
13. Mule
14. Old Yeller
15. Wolves
16. A horse.
17. He was tempting Old Yeller to eat it and thus get in trouble with Mama.

Davy Crockett with Ol' Betsy & Daniel Boone holding Tick Licker!!! Who was the better shot?