Sunday, July 1, 2018

Just imagine it's a lazy summer afternoon and Fess Parker picks up his guitar to sing 'Farewell To The Mountains'.

Do you know the full lyrics?

Farewell to the mountains, whose maizes to me
Were more beautiful far than Eden could be
No fruit was forbidden but nature had spread
Her bountiful board and her children were fed

The hills were our garners our herds wildly grew
And nature was shepherd and husband, man too
I felt like a monarch, yet thought like a man
As I thanked the Great Giver and worshiped His plan

The home I forsake where my offspring grows
The grave I forsake where my children reborn
The home I redeem from the savage and wild
The home I have loved as a father, his child

The corn that I planted, the fields that I cleared
The flocks that I've raised and the cattle I reared
The wife of my bosom, farewell to ye all
In the land of the stranger, I rise or I fall

Farewell to my country, I've fought for thee well
When the savage rushed forth like the demons from hell
In peace or in war, I have stood by thy side
My country for thee, I have lived, would have died

But I'm a cast off, my career now is done
I must wander abroad like the Prodigal Son
Where the wild savage droves and the broad Prairies spread
The fallen despised, will again go ahead

Fess Parker - Eyes of an Angel

How many of these different movies/shows can you name that Fess Parker was in.....without looking them up? Can you name the show each picture below is associated with? Good luck.

Some pictures from 'A Rope for Mingo'. Do you remember George Kennedy in that episode?

"A Rope for Mingo" is an episode of Daniel Boone starring Fess Parker, Ed Ames, and Patricia Blair. A family in route to Boonesborough is slaughtered and clues point to Mingo as the killer. George Kennedy co-stars as the man who's brother was slain. Daniel must find the real killer before a lynch mob finds Mingo.